Wells Fargo employee Class Action Lawsuit

Employee Class Action Lawsuit – The Class Action Lawsuits At Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo employees have been in a veritable soup of trouble for quite some time now. Unpaid medical bills, excessive amounts of insurance premiums paid out but not received, very few benefits or retirement benefits, and other trappings of corporate America have all combined to create a mountain of problems for many of the people who have been working hard at building up their businesses in the small community of Wells Fargo. Recently, however, Wells Fargo has decided that it is no longer willing to work with its long-term customers. Instead, the company is going out of its way to bullying and pressuring small business owners to bring suit against it. It seems as though the bank simply doesn’t want to be held accountable for all of the bad debt and financial woes that so many customers have ended up with due to Wells Fargo’s negligence.

While the suits themselves are mostly bogus, some cases have actually been quite convincing.

For instance, a class action suit was filed against the company for various forms of discrimination. The suit was filed by African-American and Hispanic employees who claimed they had been subjected to unfair treatment at the hands of management. Management in Wells Fargo was reportedly instructed by upper management to steer clear of certain minority groups such as African-Americans and Hispanics, or they would lose their ability to curry favor with high-level clients. Needless to say, this kind of harassment and viewpoint was bound to make any employee feel unsafe and unprotected.

Other suits were also filed against Wells Fargo because of its high over-charging policies.

The suits themselves were largely unfounded, but the interest rate that was charged to customers was rather absurdly high. Such policies were already causing financial hardships for so many people and further pushing costs up for those who couldn’t even meet that rate was simply unfair. Additionally, a number of customers filed suits for not receiving enough notice regarding changes to their mortgage terms and conditions. Again, these issues are legitimate, although Wells Fargo may not have actually violated any laws.

Some claims were also brought forth against Wells Fargo because of the poor handling of accounts that did not receive enough attention from senior management.

For example, one disgruntled former employee filed suit after she was let go from her position, only to find that the company failed to give her ample warning about a potential layoff. She ultimately lost her job after more than a year of suffering due to the circumstances outlined above. A case study on Wells Fargo’s handling of similar cases detailed how many employees were simply moved from one department to another with little to no warning. While one former employee claimed that she received a “last minute” offer to continue working at her previous position, others were simply given vague instructions about when they would be moving.

In addition to human rights claims, Wells Fargo was also found to have systematically discriminated against its employees via its promotion and layoff policies.

According to one case study, one former assistant manager claimed that she was repeatedly harassed by upper management despite her efforts to resolve issues. Another case involved an African American sales executive who alleged that he was harassed throughout his nine-year career at the bank. He ultimately decided to file a class action lawsuit.

In addition to human rights and disability discrimination cases, Wells Fargo was also found to be in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act when it comes to the employment of telemarketing.

As we have previously reported, Telemarketing Sales Reps are prohibited by federal law from making biased statements to their customers regarding race, age or disability. In this case, the former agent was found to have made statements to her supervisor that indicated that he was not interested in hiring Black Americans. A representative for Wells Fargo was subsequently found to have instructed her subordinates not to make such statements.

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