Taylor Swift, Chance the Rapper, Last Week Tonight, Ticketmaster, and John Oliver File Pop Star Scalping Lawsuits

If you’re looking for the latest buzz about the upcoming Taylor Swift vs. Chance the Rapper lawsuit, read on for updates. In addition to Swift, other pop stars such as John Oliver, Chance the Rapper, and Ticketmaster have filed suit in response to the practice. In addition to slamming bot-reliant brokers, Swift has promised to foil them. Chance the Rapper purchased 2,000 tickets from scalpers to make a profit.

Taylor Swift

Last week, Taylor Swift was the subject of a lawsuit over her album’s title. The theme park in Utah claims that Swift’s album’s title has caused confusion among guests and adversely affected its page ranking on Google. According to the lawsuit, Swift’s album name infringes on the merchandise designs used in the theme park. The theme park is seeking millions of dollars in damages. The lawsuit is still in its early stages and will likely take some time to move forward.

The ticket holdbacks have fans angry. Ticket holdbacks have made it almost impossible for fans to get tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. Tickets were offered to fans who were members of the Swift fan club and customers of American Express. They quickly sold out. The Minnesota state representative is investigating the ticket holdbacks and believes that scalpers are using illegal software to make tickets available to the general public. Ticketholders can expect to face a lawsuit, but it’s worth a try.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has been the target of numerous lawsuits and allegations. Chance is known for being a dubious ambassador, and his parents have ties to local politics. Chance’s mother is the community relations director for Illinois Democratic Senator Lisa Madigan, and his father worked for former President Barack Obama and Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Chance’s father was also connected with former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was notoriously harsh in his handling of Chicago’s schools and brutal police force.

After being fired by his former manager, Chance counter-sued Corcoran, claiming that he had broken trust, diverted business opportunities, and demanded kickbacks from the label. Chance claimed that Corcoran had overstated his role in his success and undermined his family. This case will be heard on May 1.

John Oliver

The HBO show Last Week Tonight has been the subject of a lawsuit involving the popular late-night satirist. The suit stems from a segment in which Oliver goes on a deep dive into a controversial topic. The late-night show is based on the work that Oliver did on The Daily Show, where he often goes on passionate rants about controversial topics. As a result, this lawsuit has received significant media attention.

In July, the show announced that it would be selling tickets to a New York Yankees game to the winner of a Twitter photo contest. The winning photos were selected, and John Oliver began selling pairs of tickets for three and four thousand percent of the face value of the tickets. As a result, fans began buying and reselling them, triggering a lawsuit from Pop Star Scalping supporters. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has since apologized for the situation.


The Ticketmaster lawsuit is the result of an investigation by CBC and Toronto Star reporters who went undercover as professional scalpers at a Las Vegas convention last year. The reporters attended a closed-door session held by Ticketmaster’s secondary sales division and heard representatives extol the virtues of Tradedesk software and the reselling community. They were also told by Ticketmaster reps that they would turn a blind eye to scalpers violating their terms and conditions.

The lawsuit claims that Ticketmaster has encouraged ticket scalping on its website, which charges the scalpers a fee for the initial sale and each resale. Ticketmaster denies the use of bots and is appealing the decision. The lawsuit also claims that bots are a huge source of consumer complaints. However, the lawsuit does not say how many tickets were purchased by the 21 individuals who signed up for the event.

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