Olympus Insurance Lawsuit

Olympus Insurance Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

Have you ever filed a claim with Olympus Insurance, only to be met with resistance or denial? You might not be alone. In recent years, Olympus Insurance has been involved in a few legal battles that caught the attention of policyholders in the USA. But what exactly went down? Let’s break it down.

One lawsuit involved a Florida homeowner named Maria Amadio. Back in 2017, a windstorm ravaged her house, and she rightfully turned to Olympus, her insurer, for assistance. After the claim was filed, Amadio assigned her benefits to a contractor, a common practice. However, Olympus argued that the assignment wasn’t valid because it didn’t comply with a new Florida law (Section 627.7152) that regulated such transfers. This case went to court, raising questions about the retroactive application of laws and how they impact existing insurance policies [4].

Another lawsuit focused on discovery procedures. In this case, a policyholder named Penny Perlmutter sued Olympus over a homeowner’s insurance claim disagreement. During the pre-trial phase, Olympus requested access to Perlmutter’s property for inspection by their experts. When Perlmutter failed to meet court-ordered deadlines for scheduling this inspection, Olympus sought sanctions, ultimately leading to the dismissal of Perlmutter’s lawsuit [2].

These are just a couple of examples, and it’s important to remember that lawsuits involving insurance companies can get complicated. The specifics of each case play a major role in determining the outcome.

So, what does this mean for you as an Olympus Insurance policyholder?

It doesn’t necessarily mean you should rush out and file a lawsuit. However, these cases highlight the importance of understanding your rights and the terms of your insurance policy. Here are some steps you can take:

Review your policy thoroughly. Make sure you understand what kind of coverage you have and the process for filing a claim.
Document everything. Keep meticulous records of any communication with Olympus, including dates, times, and the names of any representatives you speak with.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something seems unclear in the claims process, reach out to Olympus for clarification.

If you feel like your claim isn’t being handled fairly, consider seeking guidance from an attorney specializing in insurance law. They can help you navigate the legal side of things and determine if a lawsuit is the right course of action.

Understanding these legal battles can empower you to be a more informed insurance policyholder.


Is there a class-action lawsuit against Olympus Insurance?

Based on publicly available information, there aren’t any current class-action lawsuits against Olympus Insurance.

Can I sue Olympus Insurance for denying my claim?

Potentially. If you believe your claim denial was unfair and violated the terms of your policy, you might have grounds for a lawsuit. However, consulting with an insurance lawyer is highly recommended before taking legal action.

Where can I find a lawyer specializing in insurance law?

Many local bar associations offer referral services that can connect you with an attorney specializing in insurance law.

How much does it cost to sue an insurance company?

Legal fees can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the lawyer’s experience. Consider scheduling consultations with a few lawyers to get a better understanding of their fees.

Are there any government resources that can help me with my insurance claim?

Your state’s Department of Insurance might offer resources and guidance for policyholders facing disputes with their insurance companies.

Should I switch insurance companies after these lawsuits?

Whether or not to switch providers depends on your individual situation. Consider factors like customer service reviews, coverage options, and overall cost before making a decision.

Remember, this article provides general information, not legal advice. Always consult with a qualified professional for specific guidance regarding your situation.

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