Geico Class Action Lawsuit Total Loss

Ever filed a total loss claim with GEICO and felt like you got shortchanged? You’re not alone. Buckle up, folks, because we’re diving into the winding road of a recent class-action lawsuit that alleges GEICO played fast and loose with payouts.

Imagine this: your beloved car meets its maker in a fender bender, leaving you stranded and staring at a pile of scrap metal. You call GEICO, hoping for a smooth ride towards a fair replacement. But instead, you hit a bump – the settlement feels suspiciously low. Sound familiar?

Well, in 2019, two separate lawsuits took GEICO to court, claiming they systematically undervalued total loss claims by omitting crucial elements like sales tax, title fees, and other pesky bureaucratic charges. Think of it like buying a new car with your insurance payout, only to realize you’re missing the keys – and the wheels!

Fast forward to 2023, and the lawsuits merged into one mighty legal juggernaut. GEICO, sensing the writing on the wall (or maybe the roar of the courtroom engine), agreed to a $19 million settlement to appease nearly 227,000 aggrieved policyholders. That’s a hefty chunk of change, folks, enough to buy quite a few replacement cars with all the bells and whistles!

But is this the end of the road? Not quite. While the settlement provides some relief, it’s crucial to understand if you’re one of the lucky ducks eligible for a payout. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

Were you a GEICO policyholder in Ohio between 2009 and 2020? Buckle up, you might be in the class!
Did you file a total loss claim during that period? Check your rearview mirror – that fender bender might be your ticket to a windfall.
Did you already get full reimbursement for sales tax and fees? If so, this party’s passed you by.

If you tick all the boxes, head over to the official settlement website ( and claim your rightful share. It’s like finding a twenty tucked away in your old jeans – a pleasant surprise after a bumpy ride.

So, what’s the takeaway? This lawsuit serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us to be vigilant when dealing with insurance claims. Always read the fine print, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to challenge seemingly lowball offers. After all, you deserve a smooth ride on the road to recovery, not a detour into legal limbo.

Now, buckle up for some bonus FAQs:

1. I’m not in Ohio, can I still sue?

Unfortunately, this settlement only applies to Ohio policyholders during the specified timeframe.

2. What if I didn’t receive a notice about the lawsuit?

Don’t fret! You can still check the settlement website or contact the claim administrator to see if you’re eligible.

3. How long do I have to file a claim?

The deadline for submitting a claim form has passed, but you can still contact the claim administrator for any potential updates.

4. Will I get my entire car’s value back?

The settlement doesn’t guarantee full reimbursement, but it provides additional compensation for potentially omitted fees.

5. What if I have more questions?

The settlement website offers a comprehensive FAQ section and contact information for further assistance.

6. Can I sue GEICO individually?

While the class-action lawsuit has concluded, you may still have legal options depending on your specific situation. Consult with an attorney to discuss your individual circumstances.

Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing your rights can prevent you from getting taken for a ride. So, stay informed, ask questions, and drive safely!


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