Class Action Lawsuit – Yahoo Data Breach

If you have been affected by the recent data breach at Yahoo, you may be eligible to file a Class Action Lawsuit. You can file a suit if you were impacted by the breach, and it may be possible to win a large settlement from Yahoo. Below, we’ve outlined three separate breaches and the subsequent $117.5 million settlement. Read on to find out how the data breaches were handled. In addition, you can get additional information on your rights in a Yahoo class action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits against Yahoo

Class action lawsuits against Yahoo are being filed by individuals affected by the recent data breach at the online company. These data breaches have made millions of users’ personal information easily accessible to unauthorized parties. While Yahoo promised to protect user information, it failed to implement a secure encryption system. As a result, the personal account information of more than one billion Yahoo users has been exposed. This data breach was especially damaging because the company made inaccurate predictions regarding the impact of the data breach on the company’s users.

The court has found that Yahoo’s history of nondisclosure is egregious. While the majority of settlement class members were unaware of the potential for credit damage, the majority were told how to protect themselves. The companies have even provided free credit monitoring for their affected users. It is unclear what the settlement will ultimately mean for those affected. While Yahoo’s settlement has been approved, it will be distributed to Yahoo users after final approval.

Three separate data breaches

Yahoo recently announced the theft of information from more than 500 million of its account holders. The data included dates of birth, phone numbers, passwords, and email addresses. Because the information was not properly secured, the hacks put the victims of these breaches at risk for identity theft. The company first encountered a data breach in August 2013 that affected one billion people. Experts predicted that there would be more attacks on Yahoo over the next few years.

The new agreement addresses the concerns of consumers who have not already spent any money on credit monitoring and identity theft. While the initial settlement agreement was rejected by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in January, it addresses the criticisms raised by the court. The earlier version of the settlement failed to provide a sufficient overall dollar value, as well as inadequate legal fees for the plaintiffs. While this revised settlement provides relief for the victims, it still does not adequately address the concerns of their lawsuits.

$117.5 million settlement

The Northern District of California approved a $117.5 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Yahoo over a series of data breaches. However, the plaintiff objected to the fact that the vendor AllClear ID had over 100 prior complaints and had been used in settlements involving other data breaches. However, the district court overruled the plaintiff and approved the settlement. The amount is now available to all class members.

Individuals affected by the breach of privacy and security are eligible to file claims before July 20, 2020. They may also file claims through the mail. The deadline for submitting a claim is July 20, 2020. However, it may take more than a year for the claims to reach their target. The victims can also decide to opt-out of the settlement by March 6, 2020. This will preserve their right to sue Yahoo, but they will not receive reimbursements or services under the settlement.

Claims for damages from each breach

The plaintiffs in the Yahoo class action suit claim that the internet company failed to disclose the data breach for at least two years, and even though it knew about the breach in 2014, it took the company until today to tell users. Under state law, companies must notify consumers within 30 days of any data breach, and the Yahoo breach went unnoticed for more than two years. The lawsuit seeks damages for individuals who were affected by the breach, with some estimates reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

If Yahoo’s settlement is successful, it could be worth more than $50 million to every person affected by the data breach. The $50 million settlement is equal to about $25 per hour of lost time. The Yahoo Settlement estimates that individual victims may have lost 15 hours of data due to identity theft, and a further five hours due to unauthorized access. Yahoo has agreed to reimburse premium users with a 25% refund of their subscriptions, and Verizon will foot half of the bill.

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